“Timeo Danaos et dona ferrentes.”
(Virgil, 70-19BC, From the Aeneid)
"I fear the Greeks, even those bearing gifts."

Why Take Latin?

It is often said that art is for art’s sake.  Though there are countless benefits to be had in the act of creating art, such as procuring fine motor skills and understanding dimensional perspective, it is appreciated more fully as a form of emotional expression and a thing of raw beauty.  The same can be said for Latin.  There are many advantages to studying this ancient language.  A student of Latin will come to better understand the grammar and vocabulary of their own English language.  He/She will exercise their brain(!), and will put their logical thinking skills to practice!  But, ultimately, a student of Latin will learn Latin, a thing of beauty.  After grounding him/herself in the grammar of Latin, the student will get to bask in Latin. He/she will be able to read poetry, historical accounts, and prose in their original forms and enjoy the artistry the authors intended.  Latin for Latin’s sake. Come and dive into the adventure!